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, president obama will visit parts of new jersey that bore the brunt of the superstorm as the vote now six days away is overshadowed by its victims. it's wednesday, october 31st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> doesn't quite feel like halloween, does it? it's a weird feeling this morning. >> yes. it definitely puts a spin on trick or treat, doesn't it? >> yes. just a weird holiday today. good morning. i'm rob nelson. in the past 36 hours, mother nature has taken much from communities throughout the country. >> but that destruction has strengthened the resilience and bonds of people in those communities. this morning on "world news now," we're going to take a closer look at the storm's aftermath and how people are coping, what has been lost and how they're planning to rebuild it. when you talk about what's been lost, where do you begin really? >> it is a long, long road as we said. >> we do begin this morning with the dire situation along new jersey's devastated coastline. i want you to take a look from above,
. why is that? the palestinian issue the front pages was day touching point* because of the support for israel so i see the criticism. president obama also helped the american administration in. something interesting, burning the american flag, you could see that in syria. or the chinese flags. have the iranians, russians, now being burned regular the. government and the people are aware we need support of renaissance who paid to support egypt for the future syria or libya. i predict there will be less criticism of government administration in the arab media. >> i can add something quickly. there's a great disappointment and syria did it is states is not taking a leadership role. even with libya the present meeting from behind i may disagree on that. but the u.s. has to be involved. he passed to lead. but looking at global research, it was about americans in the middle east and in comparison through 2009 the approval of kadesh and all policy dropped from 34 down at 15 and confidence 33 down a 24. in 2012. in egypt they are reluctant. we may disagree but i hope something is done with
than they act on election day and it is behavior on election day that matters. if virginia turns out to be 10,000 votes between romney and obama and virgil goode its 25,000 votes, you could make the argument he might have cost mitt romney the state. but otherwise i doubt it. and there is a liberal candidate, jill stein, the green party candidate. >> a few minutes left with our guest. >> the "washington journal" will look at the battleground state of ohio. like to the rhode island 1st district debate. this is courtesy of wjar-tv in providence. >> nbc-10 news and the candidates with us. republican brendan doherty, independent david, and david cicilline. we will have a free-form discussion . i will ensure everyone get equal time. let us start with you, mr. vogal. if you do get to congress, what do you think a freshman congressman in washington can do to improve the job situation for a state with the second highest unemployment in the nation? >> thank you for having me. there is a limited amount that a federal person can do from washington, d.c. from the state of rhode island. it is up t
politics ranks that race as a tossup. how do you see that race playing out in the next four days? >> sherrod brown is going to win, he's a great senator, he's working on behalf of the people. the things i mentioned about president obama, the auto restrubturing package, the tariffs on chinese products -- products coming in, sherrod brown was leading the way in the united states senate. brown's opponent said he was against the auto restructuring package, an unbelievable position to take in the constituent of ohio. i think he'll win with a solid lead. he's got a great ground game and he's one of the greatest senators out thresm issue is his opponent said that brown's vote for the auto rescue restructuring package was un-american. there are a lot of people in ohio that think it was very much an american, pro-american vote and they're going to reward brown for that >> let's go back to our ohio line. jim is an independent. you're on with congressman tim ryan. >> good morning, congressman ryan. i was raised in akron, left goodyear to teach in 1976. now i live in stark county and i drive
for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . >>> 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 30th day of october, 2012, as the northeast deals with the historic damage from hurricane sandy. looking at some flooding images. atlantic city was one of the cities along the jersey shore that took an awful lot of damage. the water from the ocean in some places meeting the water from the bay, and there is some controversy surrounding evacuation efforts from that city with the governor of new jersey criticizing the mayor. we're going to be talking to that mayor in just a couple of minutes. meanwhile inside studio 1a i'm mattlauer alongside savannah guthrie. he have rain and further flooding remain threats today. >> in new york city the storm surge reached a record of more than 13 feet, flooding tunnels, subway stations and the electrical systems that power wall street and utility companies across the country telling people who lost power today it may be a week or more before electricity is fully restored. just ahead w
, what the impact is actually like and whether this means a couple of days where they're away or if it's longer than that, if cleanup stretches in closer to election day. but, again, this impact is potentially on early voting is an issue. that's something the obama team thinks favors them in a state like virginia. we just have to wait and see. >> who do you have joining you on the program? >> we have the governor of ohio, john casic, governor of wisconsin, surprisingly close, scott walker and colorado, very close. the democratic governor of that state as well. rachel maddow is on our roundtable and chuck todd with the latest maps and what to look for on election day. >> thank you very much. >>> the "today" show will broadcast live from the university of richmond as they talk with undecided voters whose attention the candidates are trying to capture. watch lester holt's report live coming up this morning at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >>> we want to turn our attention back to hurricane sandy now. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> coming up, the latest track on sandy. just
york city, the subway system could be closed for days because of historic flooding. our correspondents are on the ground across the east covering the impact of superstorm sandy. >>> we begin our coverage in hard-hit new york city. president obama has just declared a state of emergency in new york and new jersey. jim axelrod is at battery park in manhattan, which was inundated with water. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. high tide has come here. at least in this part of battery park, the water is not threatening to come over the wall, which is at least one piece of good news in a city that is facing more than its share of trouble. superstorm sandy made landfall late monday. a wet and windy nightmare. >> we knew that this was going to be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations. >> reporter: actually, sandy exceeded them. around 9:00 pm the storm produced a record surge at battery park in manhattan, 14.88 feet breaching the sea wall and flooding the area. manhattan's waterfront seemed to disappear as the surge
president obama back on the campaign trail after spending the last several days even with hurricane sandy. we will be live from university of colorado in boulder for his remarks at that rally. that's at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i have watched shows on weekends with interview politicians, and the politicians at on what they're doing in congress and different legislation or the different opinions. spent most racially i watched the debates because i was in front of my computer and so work and wanted to see if so i knows on c-span spent i like it because it usually goes down and more important to the issues, and it's not antagonistic and is not hostile and it does seem to have an ax to grind or an agenda they're going to push like some of the other cable tv shows. >> i agree. it seems there, like you get the real story and does not commentary and things that are negative. >> i go there to get the news and the facts and get more detail than just headlines or talking points. so i want to learn something, not just be entertained. >> and it's not as exciting as cnn or fox, but you get the rea
days. and very soon now we'll be bringing you in new video of president obama's dramatic helicopter tour of the devastation along the jersey shore. with the new jersey republican governor chris christie right at his side. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> there have been many, many major new developments all throughout the day. we want to bring you the latest developments right now. and we're going to begin with the big picture. the storm that started as hurricane sandy now being blamed for a total of 118 deaths. 68 of them in the caribbean and now 50 of them in the united states. the state with the highest death toll, new york state. 26 people in new york state have died. new york city struggling to try to get back to normal. as you see here, subway stations in lower manhattan, they are still totally flooded. they need to be drained. this is a dangerous situation developing. further upbound there is limited, limited subway service that should resume a little bit more as the hours continue. an ireporter sent us this amazing picture. brooklyn had power last night,
see it on c-span, you can catch it on c-span radio. he'll be with his wife an romney. president obama and former president clinton will apeer in virginia this evening. watch that at about 10:35 this evening. the campaign rally there part of other events that we will bring you clear up to election day. and as you look at that information let's go to ohio. caller: yeah. i've watched the debate there between the democrat and the republican. it's amazing two educated men like that both agree with some of both. they're good men. but why can't they work together? two heads are better than one. now, the democrats they talk about the bailout. well, what did the taxpayer bail them out? what did we get? we're still giving gas and diesel guzzling automobiles and pickups. host: caller you watched the montana debate. can you weigh in on the senate debate in your home state senator brown and josh manned el in ohio and what you think might happen with that? caller: well, shared brown had 20 years to do something but he ain't done nothing. host: so who do you plan on voting for? caller: well, he had
the obama administration took over this, their main objective was to keep costs high, at least to keep union costs high. >> that's the point with the pension. charles: and burdens general motors to this day which is why we're owed so much money and we're in trouble. >> what bothers me more about the fiasco, the fact that senior debt, and when ways with a in the business, make less debt, but have senior security and they ignored bankruptcy law. charles: and a lot of people, their rational, this would only hurt the fat cats and when we know this hurt a whole lot of people. >> what about the delphi investors who really lost on this one. let's take a look what they did in the gm bankruptcy, it's another case of sub bosub board nating one group. and board says, off shore earnings and makes sense they would not issue their earnings when the markets are closed. you would think they would wait until the market is open. does that mean that ford had, as you said, a good reason to issue them because they were so good. does that mean that people that are issuing them maybe are under what was estimated?
presidential candidate paul ryan began a two-day trip through ohio this morning. he spoke at a rally at a construction equipment company in philadelphia. the wisconsin congressman told the crowd president obama has not revived the economy, but mitt romney can, because he knows how to create jobs. >>> new software will allow americans living overseas to cast an electronic ballot in the november election. a technology-based company in spain says its software will allow ballots to be sent electronically to u.s. citizens living overseas. voters fill the ballot out online, then send them to a u.s. territory by traditional mail or e-mail. >> it's very important to be able to vote from here. i've been doing it for the past 10 years or so, and it's always been difficult and now it's getting easier, and with the system that we have developed, it's quite easy. >> the company says it has also developed electronic voting technology for elections in france, india and australia and other countries. >>> maricopa county in arizona made a costly printing mistakes, telling spanish speaking voters on a
sort of requirements for funding this potential recovery that lie potentially in the days and months ahead. he said new jersey will get federal assistance, an hour after word from president obama parts of new jersey were declared, in addition to new york major disaster areas, including eight counties, including the one we're in, cape may county, as well as ocean county, which includes the likes of seaside heights and point pleasa pleasant, popular beach towns there, as well as atlantic county. going back to ocean county, "the star ledger" is reporting 20 fires overnight in homes flooded up to five or six feet of water, major rescue effort continues there. atlantic county, home to atlantic city, we've been talking about that all morning and all day yesterday sustaining probably the worst damage of any of the cities along the jersey shore, definitely a dire situation here but now one that we know will get federal funding to help assist in this recovery. andrew, becky and joe, back to you guys. >> kay la we're watching the ses behind you very high. when it came to high tide before had a
halloween. finally, he gave a ringing endorsement to his dealings with president obama in the last 24 hours over this crisis. and that's going to be an important thing with days to come until the election. people are talking about how sandy will affect the election, and that is one of the major things people are talking about this morning, guys. back to you. >> kayla tausche, thanks so much. talk about moving all these various calendar dates. there's also, i mean, as kayla mention, some talk whether or not the elections could possibly be moved. constitutionally it can be moved but whether or not that is going to happen is a whole other story. >> all i heard was executive order to move -- >> halloween. >> words i never thought i would hear. >> think of all the children across the country rejoicing, and adults for that matter. and adults. >> we had a lot of businesses report a good quarter. european business news rather extraordinary. >> deutsche bank. >> when was the last time europe helped us? here we go. >> except we're not open. >> i know that our futures or whatever they were trading off
's just six days to go. it was suspended by superstorm sandy. but it's starting up again with the romney campaign heading to new states. and new polls showing president obama holding slim leads in the key battlegrounds. it's "your voice, your vote." and abc's jonathan karl is in tampa, florida. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, the superstorm didn't delay the campaign for long. both vice president biden and mitt romney will be campaigning hard down here all day long in florida. the storm has forced the president to cancel several campaign events. but it has also given him a chance to show some presidential leadership. >> my message to the federal government. no bureaucracy. no red tape. get resources where they're needed. >> reporter: and later today, he'll get a firsthand look at the damage on the new jersey shore, with none other than the state's republican governor, chris christie. christie is a die-hard romney supporter. but he's had nothing but praise for the president's handling of the storm, which he says is all that really counts right now. >> i don't gi
much. >>> president obama returns to the campaign trail today following his tour of destruction in the state of new jersey and with the election just five days away, new polls are showing that the president and governor romney remain locked in a tight race. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, matt. schedules mean everything, the president back on the trail now, five dies go. the four of the next five days, he will be in the state of ohio and his very last rally will be in des moines, iowa, where the first lady will join him. fresh off his visit to the storm-ravaged new jersey shore, president obama returns to the campaign trail today. on wednesday, the president's focus, though, was all sandy, spending four hours surveying hurricane damage with new jersey's republican governor, chris christie. with less than a week to go until the election, the two leaders were an unlikely combination. practically inseparable, comforting victims in shelters and on the storm-ravaged streets. later at a press conference,
different. it goes back really at the end of the day this is nothing more than a discussion about the golden rule. wun wanting to really kind of treat others as we would treat ourselves. host: what's been president obama's influence? >> well there's absolutely no doubt that president obama has kind of led the nation in a very thoughtful conversation and eeflution about this issue. i think president obama really was on the same journey that many americans are which is really kind of thinking about the issue and in some ways he expressed candidly that he struggled with the issue and at the end of the day paraphrasing his statement here he had a conversation with his daughters and he -- and his wife and he understood basically that it was about the golden rule. so the president has been very thoughtful and in may of this year announced that he supported same sex marriage for committed gay and lesbian couples. so the president has been incredibly courageous in expressing that point of view. and i think that has caused an awful lot of americans to reflect on their own points of view, especially t
president obama ads blanketed the air adds and 97,000 pro romney ads reached your television sets. a 45% increase from the number that ran in 2008. for the next ten days, 43,000 political ads will air each day. but with numbers this big, nearly $27 a second, maybe we've reached saturation. if you've seen 42,000 ads, do 43,000 really make a difference? just ask coke and pepsi if they think advertising dollars matter. money can change preferences which is just what the campaigns are hoping what will happen in ohio where, let's face it, votes are definitely worth more. $177 million have been poured into the buckeye state to impress dwing voters in dayton, columbus and cincinnati. ohio has overtaken florida as the state that has seen the most money in the presidential election. this week ohio went platinum, $175 million in spending in a seven difficult period. polls show much of the lech tart is concerned about the new heights of giving and expending. but who can hear their concern over the sound of all that cash raining down. today adjusted for inflation the most expensive race per vote is
to you. we have an election coming up in a few days, and i am curious as to whether or not what the impact you would see on this issue with say if president obama is free elected and how is that fair with the federalism concerns that you have had come and how can they play evelyn impacting this? >> one area i like to use in particular in oklahoma and it's affected states across the country as well but the issue is hydraulic fracturing. some folks in the country think that that is a recent phenomena. it's not. it's been regulated in oklahoma and utilized for 40 plus years states to that privacy and regulating that and set up some tremendous responsibility making sure that process is implemented and developed and produced but is done so in a safe way for a hour citizenry. in fact, congress has actually put in the language certain federal legislation that the epa doesn't have oversight or involvement in that area. but despite that, there is a -- there are steps of preparation being taken by federal agencies, and i think they are superimposed to read certain federal regulatory requi
pregnancy and for days this was a front-page story about how he doesn't understand reproductive biology. however when someone on the far left does something, when president obama says vaccines might cause autism that was ignored and he did say that. we will talk about that later. there have been several books on the topic. and a couple other books. if you want to find out how the right is bad science there's a big market at that. to our knowledge this is the first book on the anti scientific left. progressives are anti science well. [talking over each other] >> within months of yours. >> progressives are anti science as well but it is not reported by the media. the media looks the other way when their political allies do things that are anti science. what the progress of this. what do we mean by progress of the. we took this charge and labeled it to fit our political ideology today. conservatives and libertarians are easiest to identify. conservatives are the mainstream republican party. libertarian need no introduction. the ron paul revolution. the left is a little bit trickier because
-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪
. >> mitt romney will campaign one day after holding a an event in ohio. president obama will be joined by republican governor chris christie to look at damage in new jersey. >> i do not give a about election day. it does not matter to me. at the moment i had bigger fish to fry. >> he has been a harsh critic of president obama but is praising him for his response to the strong thus far. >> the d.c. board of elections says voters can cast ballots at eight early voting centers across the city, open from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. today through saturday. the board said they have added extra machines at each location. the voters can go to any early voting location if the lines are too long. >> governor martin o'malley and lt. governor martin -- anthony brown are casting ballots. early hour voting -- early voting hours have been extended. the deadline for absentee ballots has been moved until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> as we had to break -- a look at how hurricane sandy victims are making the best of the difficult situation. this is a building in hoboken new jersey, where only one electrical outle
days to go until the election and the final push begins. team obama and team romney crisscross the country making their case and trying to pick up every last swing state vote they can. the ground game working around the clock. the air game, in carpet bomb mode. the surrogates, surrogating. two men, four days, and the future of our country at stake. if you're scared, get a dog. >> jennifer: first things first. let's get you up-to-date from the aftermath of hurricane sandy. today new york city announced it will not hold it's annual marathon after complaints that it would drain resources from emergency responders. one of the biggest problems facing the area has been a major gas shortage with many of the stations that are out of power or out of gas or both. today the federal government turned to the defense department to deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel and lift restrictions on deliveries by foreign ships. governor andrew cuomo waved taxes on fuel tangors. in new jersey governor chris christie signed an executive order of gas rationing starting tomorrow. and 4.37 million ho
, and also springstein, bon jovi, and many others. >>> obama, romney, and countless political candidates around the nation present their final arguments on who you should vote for and why you should vote for them this final weekend before election day. >>> plus, the final details of what really happened on the 9/11 benghazi terror attack. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, november 2nd, 2012. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. a horrific week for the northeast and mid-atlantic states continues to unl fold. 94 people are confirmed dead in the u.s. from sandy. more than 4.5 million still don't have power, but that is down from a high of about 8 million. some of the biggest cries for help are coming from new york's statin island where the super storm has claimed at least 19 lives. among them, two little boys, brothers. a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. their bodies were found in a marsh on thursday. their mother's suv was washed out by rising waters during the hurricane. >>> people living on that island told nbc's ann curry, support has been far too slow in coming. >> eve
hd tion day, but of course hurricane sandy is throwing a curve ball in the obama and romney war room plans. president obama as we mentioned cut campaigning in florida short to return to washington. mitt romney had this to say in iowa before scratching plans for an evening rally in ohio. >> romney: hopefully your thoughts and prayers are join with mine and people across the country as you think about those folks that are in harm's way. >> jennifer: and the romney campaign actually went ahead with that event because doors had already opened. joining with me analysis of how the campaigns are reacting to hurricane sandy, and here inside "the war room" is cheryl. thanks for joining us tonight. >> absolutely. >> jennifer: welcome back. let me start with cheryl. talk about the aura of presidential leadership in the midst of a crisis. obviously people are saying it is a presidential advantage. is it as simple as that? >> i don't think it is that simple. this is the october surprise that people are wondering when this comes. this is barack obama's katrina moment. for
heaped obama's handling of the storm for three straight days. romney has a christie problem and a obama problem. there they are, president obama and chris christie were touring new jersey together. and it honestly looked authentic too. >> obama: what i can promise you is the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials, and we will not quit until this is done. >> oh conservatives hate hearing that. >> ah! >> stephanie: didn't that one headline say it all, bush's fema director says obama reacted too quickly. >> you are doing it too quickly. not enough people have died yet. >> stephanie: even the picture of them on marine one shows you the resources of the federal government in terms of assessing the damage quickly. the fact that he gave them the number at the white house directly. yeah, this has not been like one or two comments he said i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and passion. oh how much do they hate the c word. >> obama: we will follow up to make sure you get all of the help
years and president obama is racking up some big endorsements in the last few days. colin powell then new york mayor, michael bloomberg, and the latest the -- are you ready for this -- the ceo of starbucks, howard schultz. so question, why are all of these big names coming on right here at the very end. because everybody loves a winner. and they know who the winner is going to be. jobs report coming up in half an hour. we'll be ready for that but first the latest from lisa ferguson. hi, lisa, good morning. >> hey, bill, good morning everyone. mitt romney's campaign is out with a new web video blaming president obama for a closed barbecue joint in richmond virginia. >> there are more people on unemployment today and that's because the small businesses are failing. >> that is republican advocate row da elliot the close down said that was because of the changed market and cost of operation. thinkprogress found out the restaurant was not abiding by public health codes, including not properly disposing of sewage and for handling ready to eat food with their bar
'd have to bet $350 win $100 on obama. we've all seen the underdog win but it does mean that romney is an underdog five days out. >> cenk: doesn't mean that you're biased in their favor. they're maddening. all right, ben, thank you man we'll speak to you again from vegas soon. when we come back, one had the guts to call it what it is. what others considering a controversial cover, but a cover we love. it's global warming, stupid and we're going to have the guy who wrote the article when we come back. >> that's just the size of a giant tanker, that's the size and this oil spill goes all the way out into the new york harbor. nobody has started talking about that problem yet. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15 seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobell
in a week or so to one candidate having won the day in tracking polls. that was mr. obama. >> he's not. >> stephanie: obama still has a 73.1% of winning re-election. he's at 294 electoral to romney's 243. >> fact checkers say -- >> stephanie: nate silver is a fact checker. >> oh, okay. >> i'm getting a bunch of tweets saying we do have early voting in california. >> stephanie: oh well it seems like we're too misinformed to have a show like this. >> i looked it up. i can't seem to find it. >> a bunch of people are tweeting saying california has in person early voting. >> stephanie: i'm going now. you guys finish the show. >> i'll double check that. >> my polling place is currently a school right now. >> korean baptist church. >> stephanie: the latest poll out this morning -- i can't remember which one it was has obama up five in ohio. another one. anyway. so there! >> california, not los angeles? >> stephanie: maybe. we'll find out during the break so we seem somewhat more informed when we come back. >> go to
of the economy. which we have not recovered from to this day. >> host: barack obama, how big of a story that an african-american became president of the united states? >> personally, it did not seen an until i was in the control room when he won i remember standing there thinking he could be president of united states and the significance of the african-american in my lifetime struck me personally. clearly it changed so much in the way we perceive one another, race, as an absolute milestone. now that said, anyone would have be 10 there republican in 2008 given the economy. it is hard to have 12 years of the same party unless you of four more years of the same. with the economy at that point* there was almost notes chance personally. with hillary clinton was nominated she would have been elected. is a momentous occasion. >> host: any insights right now? [laughter] all this time in the newsroom where is it headed? >> i don't know any more than you do. [laughter] >> i think it is 50/50 country and it is a mistake to predict one way or the other. almost apart from the candidates there is th
'm not side steping that. but the huge issue is that the obama administration actually knew that this terrible terrorist attack on another 9/11 on the anniversary a commemoration of the fateful day and yet did nothing about it and really put american lives at risk. >> geraldo: congressman ileana ros-lehtinen. we are out of time for this segment. thank you very much for your comments. >> we heard from the republican, now from the democrat, this is charles rangel of course, representative near in new york. is benghazi-gate being politicized or aren't you deeply troubled by somed of things we do not know? >> whatever we don't know concerning the lives of four americans i hope we soon find out. but i really think the republicans is are dancing on the graves of these four people in a political way to infer that the president would cover up and not want the whole country to know the pain that we feel when we lose americans is one of the cheapest shots i have ever seen and witnessed. >> geraldo: you were wounded in action in korea. you got the purple heart and also the bronze star. you are decorated
bloomberg. governor cuomo. governor chris christie. president obama. and when we are fortunate enough to see the president-elected to that second term, that group needs to take this agenda to congress and pass it within 100 days. lead, gentlemen! lead! and we, you and i, need to pressure them to do it. the hurricane has forced the issue. now it is up to us to take action on it for the good of the nation. joining me now via skype is james west editor of climate desk who has been reporting on the aftermath of the storm. james is coming to us from the ground in new york and for the latest, he's going to tell us what's going on. thanks so much for joining us in "the war room" tonight james. >> governor, great to be here. >> jennifer: all right. so you have toured -- let me get to the basics here and get some information out to our viewers. you've toured some of the most devastated areas like breezy point in queens and you also filmed that video that we just saw of the gas station in brooklyn. can you tell us what d
is it that climb climate change working for president obama? would you brag about it? why do they do it, it's the money, lebowsky, of course it's the money. look at how much the oil company spent, $167,000 spent every day lobbying congress. every $1 spent on lobbying is equivalent to $30 worth of tax breaks that they get from the american people. and finally where did the money go? it went largely to romney any way. was it worth it for $720,000? romney got $4.7 million from the oil cop. the republicans win any way. and we all lose because we're right now in the middle of climate change, and we don't have any politicians or almost any media who give a dam or plan to do anything about it. that's unfortunately the cold, hard reality. all right now when we come back we got a lot more for you on the storm. in fact, here is the view of new york. the flooding has begun. just ignore it because oil companies will make it all better. the answer to more drilling. and then bill clinton campaigning for president obama and how is it going to work? we'll have the numbers in ohio for you which are critical
by this dishonest ad in the final days of the campaign. who said that? >> phyllis shaply. [ buzzer ] s. >> stephanie: obama campaign spokesman liz smith said that. which is true. don't you think -- i'll ask you ohioans, are you insulted by this? i think this is like such a blatant lie that they have to -- to me, that really is insulting your audience. do they really think hoins are that stupid? like oh, it's the president? really? it is mitt romney that cares? >> a president is moving since natty to china. i don't know if you knew that. >> stephanie: they keep trying to call the obama campaign desperate. he's just doing his job and getting kudos for it. republican governors among others. mitt romney, as you were saying is having the pathetic -- i'm canceling my campaign. clearly it was a campaign rally. photo op. >> people wearing fire obama t-shirts. >> stephanie: yeah, it was not campaign oriented. then there's grampy insane. where was he? yells at cloud. what was he talking about? benghazi or something? in
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